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What do we accept?

We happily accept write-ups on,

  1. Critical Analysis of films- Hollywood, Bollywood, Regional cinema etc.
  2. Film Songs
  3. Biography of celebrities
  4. Book reviews
  5. Cinematic Techniques
  6. Interview of celebrities, artists, and academicians associated with cinema studies.

Submission Guidelines

1. The word count for the article should be 1000 to 3000.

2. The author has the freedom to write on Hollywood, Bollywood, any regional cinema, web series, short films, etc.

3. The lyrics of a song can also be reviewed, but they must extensively engage with the reality it reveals or the relevant message it drops.

4. We will accept articles only in English and Hindi.

5. All entries are subject to get reviewed and editors hold the ultimate power to accept and reject the article.

6. Articles should be original. We would not accept articles if we find the issue of plagiarism, which means writers, are not allowed to copy and paste.

7. As this platform is new, so we are not in a position to pay our contributors but will remain grateful for their contribution and support.