The Kashmir Files Finishes 50 days In Theaters, No Signs Of Slowing Down

Kashmir files

When The Kashmir Files was released on 11th March, 2022, it received a lackluster reception, with its opening day taking in just Rs. 3.55 million. A positive review and great crowd reaction to the film's release boosted its first-weekend earnings to a total of Rs. 27.15 crore (about $27 million). After the opening weekend, there was a sudden surge in sales that had never been seen before.

The commerce of The Kashmir Files grew exponentially in its first week of release, considerably above expectations, according to the publisher. Since its release on March 11, the film has completed 50 days of screenings in theaters.

Since it was widely praised by the public, The Kashmir Files has held steady in theaters, despite the release of several new films. As a matter of fact, The Kashmir Files' box office success has been unaffected by the overwhelming success of KGF – Chapter 2, which many predicted would put a stop to The Kashmir Files' run. Despite the fact that The Kashmir Files is still showing in theaters, the film is still bringing in small amounts of money every day.

With Heropanti 2 and Runway 34 releasing in theaters this week, The Kashmir Files' business is likely to suffer going forward. The film's business will continue to grow, however, because of how long it's been playing in theaters and how many people still go to watch it.

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