Bina Rai Talks About Her Husband, Prem Nath And Madhubala's Love Story And Marriage

Bina Rath & Prem Nath

Bina Rai, a notable Indian actress of the black and white era, was best known for her roles in Anarkali (1953), Ghunghat (1960), Taj Mahal (1963), and many other films. Her acting prowess alone is enough to keep her legacy alive in the minds of Hindi film lovers. In spite of all of this, her marriage to Prem Nath remains one of the most well-known love stories in the world.


They had all gone head over heels for each other while filming Aurat (1953). Prem Kishen and Kailash Nath, better known as Monty Nath, were born soon after they wed. But few people know that Prem Nath was infatuated with Madhubala. Because of their religious differences, the two stars had to break off their engagement. Bina Rai, Prem Nath's wife, once spoke of her husband's undying devotion to Madhubala in a rare interview.


A heartfelt chat with Cineplot took place in 1996, during which Bina Rai discussed her spouse Prem Nath, who died four years earlier in 1992. In the beginning of her interview, the actress revealed that she has a neurological problem that she got from her father. Bina Rai also revealed her desire to make a comeback and take on parts that are more appropriate for someone her age. At the time of the interview, she was 64 years old. 

"I miss being a working woman. I'd love to play roles which suit my age," she said. 


In her interview, Bina Rai revealed that she abandoned acting following her marriage to Prem Nath because she had made the decision to do so, and that her husband had not pushed her to do so. According to her, "A hectic career and a home were difficult to handle. My husband would let me take my own decisions. He would neither complain nor would he insist that I go off to the studios. I had to make my choice."


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As for her and Prem Nath's children, the actress said they had tried their best to handle them. However, the situation became too tumultuous, and she was forced to call it quits on her acting career in Indian cinema following the release of Vallah Kya Baat Hai (1962). That's what Bina Rai said: "For a while, my husband and I did try to work things out in such a way that at least one of us would be at home. It just so happened that while his career was doing very well, I wasn't so busy and vice versa. Finally, I had to make the sacrifice… I opted to stay at home."


For an actress who was earning Rs. 1.5 lakhs a film at the height of her career, quitting acting was a significant step. On the big screen, Bina Rai had a hypnotic effect. She had always wanted to be an actress since she was a child. It was a bumpy ride for Bina Rai, just like the rest of the legends. In order to get the green light from her parents, the gifted artist threatened to go on a hunger strike. The parents finally gave their daughter the go-ahead to pursue her aspirations after a long period of commotion and uncertainty.


When asked about her husband, Prem Nath and Madhubala's love story, Bina Rai didn't hesitate a second and gave some unfiltered views in her interview. According to her, Bina Rai's husband was smitten with Madhubala and the two were making every effort to wed. Prem Nath's father, on the other hand, was opposed to the idea of his son having a Muslim bahu because of their religious differences. It was also said by Bina Rai that Prem Nath and Madhubala had been to the famous Haji Malang hill fort in the past. "The two even went to Haji Malang together," she had remarked.


Madhubala's heart and mind were affected by tales of Bina Rai and Prem Nath's wedding in newspapers and celebrity magazines at the time. A time when Madhubala's health began to decline was also mentioned by Bina in her interview.



She'd stated the following: "Yes they were in love. My husband was very upset about her condition. He couldn't accept the fact that she was seriously ill. They must have shared something beautiful but things don't always work out. Love stories don't always have happy endings… I'm told Madhubala was very disturbed on the day we got married."


Her husband, Prem Nath, is the love of Bina Rai's life and she misses him every day when she talks about their marriage. Previously, she'd stated: "We went for a shooting spell to Mysore… he'd take me on long drives to the Chamundi Hills. He had a good voice, he would sing songs of K.L.Saigal and Mukesh. I miss him very much. There's a big gap in my life, I realized how attached I was to him."


A groundbreaking piece by Film Lore revealed that Bina Rai's husband, Prem Nath, is a difficult person to live with. Prem Nath's adoring wife responded to this assertion with a heartfelt response that demonstrated the depth of her affection for him. She had previously stated: 

"Aren't all husbands difficult? All marriages have their ups and downs. We had our set­backs too… yet the question of a divorce never occurred to either one of us. We made mutual adjustments and that's how our marriage and love survived."


Bina Rai ended her famous interview by remembering fond memories of her time on the set of Aurat and revealing the beginning of her romance with Prem Nath. The first time Bina and Prem appeared on the big screen together was in 1953 when filmmaker B. Vermeer casted the couple in his first movie.



While filming, the two actors had developed feelings for each other. Despite the fact that the film had yet to be completed, the two were already married. Bina Rai and Prem Nath began their married life  on September 2, 1952.


Prem Nath died of a heart attack on November 2, 1992, after a long marriage filled with love and happiness. The death of the legendary actor, who was only 18 days away from his 66th birthday, startled and devastated the entertainment business. Bina Rai led a quiet and lonely existence after Prem Nath's death. At the age of 78, the Filmfare Award-winning actress passed away from a heart arrest on December 6, 2009


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