AR Rahman’s Directorial Debut At Cannes

Le Musk

Le Musk, the directorial debut of AR Rahman, will have its global premiere during the Cannes XR event of the 2022 Cannes Film Market. Nora Arnezeder and Guy Burnet  star in the 36-minute short film.

Rehman’s  wife Saira came up with the idea for the story of Le Musk, which was then developed by Rahman. Juliet Merdinian, an orphaned heiress and pianist, starts on a quest to discover the men who altered her life with just the recollection of their fragrance after 20 years.

The film's score was composed by Rahman, and the screenplay was written by Gurachi Phoenix. Munirih Grace and Mariam Zohrabyan also have prominent parts in the film. ”Several years in the making with worldwide partners,” he said in an interview with the journal.

"Creating a feature-length cinema VR experience that pushes boundaries of storytelling and incorporates multiple senses was a guiding force for me. Aroma and music together bring warm memories subjectively for the audience."

According to Army of the Dead actress Nora Arnezeder, her "artistic expression" was encouraged by the film's "beautiful journey."

“We are now entering a 'new and vast frontier in storytelling' that places emphasis on the senses,” says Nora. "It's an experience like no other," she said. “Working on the VR experience Le Musk under director A.R. Rahman has been a beautiful journey where we found new artistic expression. Through Le Musk, we’ve unlocked a new, expansive frontier in storytelling where we hope to inspire and inquire through the senses. This film is an experience unlike any other.”

In order to ensure super-resolution quality footage, 14 cameras were used to shoot Le Musk in Rome. Rahman's ARR Studios, Ideal Entertainment, and Intel have all contributed to the project's funding. Associate producers include Thenandal Studio and Palani Andavar Holdings.

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