Dhanush, Chris Evans' Character Posters Revealed for The Gray Man


While Dhanush is warming up for his upcoming movie, The Gray Man (2022), an action thriller, directed by Russo brothers, in which he appear alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, fans are pretty pumped up  to watch him alongside Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, and others.

Earlier this week, Netflix surprised fans by releasing character posters of the four stars of The Gray Man (2022) on social media.

The Gray Man, the long-awaited action picture from the Russo brothers, will be released on Netflix on July 22nd, 2022, much to the delight of moviegoers everywhere. Both Dhanush and Ryan Gosling's characters were described as 'the uncatchable' by the critics. "The unstoppable" is Chris Evans' character, while "the untraceable" is Ana de Armas' role.

 The trailer will be released on May 24, Netflix  has revealed.

Dhanush was previously seen in a suit in the first look of the film, and he appeared to be in the middle of an action-packed moment. He was seen bleeding from the face after landing on top of a car, according to eyewitness reports. As Regé-Jean Page appeared in a highly intense avatar, following his performance in Bridgerton (2022), his first appearance left admirers in amazement. At one point, Chris Evans appeared to be holding his gun away from the camera while Ana de Armas appeared to be dressed in an all-floral suit in an apparent nightclub.

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