The Tribeca Film Festival in New York will feature only one Indian film, Shlok Sharma's "Two Sisters and a Husband," later this year.

The fact that Indian filmmaker Shlok Sharma will be attending the Tribeca Film Festival is a source of pride for him, and it tells a lot about the success of Indian filmmaking abroad.

All of Sharma's films will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival (June, New York), except for her own, Two Sisters and a Husband. The International Narrative Competition's official pick is a dirty, twisted, and dingy narrative about a family gone bad.

"Our film's festival trip has only just begun. Everything you've ever done is still fresh in your mind. Even so, "every step has been enriching," adds Sharma, who made his directorial debut with Haraamkhor, a film that starred Nawazuddin Siddique and Shweta Tripathi.

In fact, he feels that a filmmaker's willingness to accept criticism is what motivates him to take risks and explore new horizons in cinema. An important part of making a film is finding an audience and being accepted by them. In order to keep the flame alive, acceptance is essential, says the director.

"As a filmmaker, I feel that I can only express myself honestly if I delve into settings which I have grown up in, the elements of India are sub-conscious," he says. For many years, I had been mulling over the storyline for this film. In my youth, I was acquainted with a family that lived in close proximity to each other and had a similar setup. In some aspects, their situation was even more complicated than the film depicts, but in others, it was a lot simpler than depicted. Their disagreements, on the other hand, were typical of most male-female relationships. There has always been an openness to Indian stories and skill. "I believe, Neecha Nagar, has been a demonstration of that,".

Sharma says he is "incredibly proud" to be a part of a festival, a venue that has honored filmmakers whose work I have literally grown up watching.

It's an honor to have our video selected, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person at this year's fest.

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