Half Ticket: Musical Comedy To Pay Homage To Kishore Kumar

Half Ticket: Musical Comedy To Pay Homage To Kishore Kumar

On May 28, a unique live musical comedy in honor of Kishore Kumar will be performed in Delhi. On the other side of the globe, as a homage to Kishore Kumar's 1962 super-hit movie Half Ticket ,a play about a young singer who dreams of becoming a rock star is being staged in New York City this week.


" Half Ticket is as magical as it's dream-like. It's family entertainment, a feel-good play - it makes you laugh and it makes you weep, but you'll come out happy and with a grin," According to a statement from the show's director Binod Sharma, who is also a former student of the National School of Drama (NSD). Aditya Deshwal and Prakriti Verma portray Bholenath and Deepika, respectively, in the play produced by the Kingdom of Theatre.


Although his singing abilities aren't that great, young Bholenath has big dreams and hopes to become a renowned singer. He's also madly in love with Deepika, a coworker at the marketing firm where they both work, but she has no idea he's there. Bharat Sharma, the director of Kingdom of Theatre, said, "It is a special moment for all of our crew members including the cast and it's a perfect opportunity to introduce and invite people to witness some of the exceptional hits of Kishore Kumar built into a musical on one stage,"


"Last two years, during the lockdown we saw that everything was closed in the theatre scene and viewers started going online. We are also here to revive the theatre scene of the country," he went on to say. Tickets for the performance at East of Kailash's Arya Auditorium start at Rs 499.

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