Kangana Ranaut Wants India To Boycott Oscars & Grammys


Kangana Ranaut is dissatisfied with the internationally recognised prizes, the Grammys and the Oscars. The Recording Academy and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hold these award ceremonies each year.

The Grammys' 'In Memoriam' portion recently did not include a tribute to the late Indian vocalist Lata Mangeshkar. This is not the first time this has occurred. A week earlier, the Oscars failed to acknowledge the singer's name in their 'In Memoriam' special segment.

This appeared to irritate the Queen actress. She expressed her displeasure and urged that the awards be boycotted. Kangana took to Instagram to urge Indian fans, and the media to take a stand and speak out against this kind of casual discrimination.

The recently turned reality show host accused the Oscars and Grammys of being biased  and racist since they repeatedly failed to pay homage to iconic and well-known Indian artists. She especially advised the media to boycott and not to cover the award ceremonies since they purport to be global but are not, referring to them as "local events." Kangana also included an extra article in which she termed these award presentations "snooty" and advised readers to boycott them.

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards paid respect to numerous late musical talents, including Stephen Sondheim and Taylor Hawkins, in a part dubbed 'In Memoriam,' but when the full list was revealed on the Grammy's official website, Lata Mangeshkar's name was not included.

Earlier this year, on February 6, the singer died.

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