Laal Singh Chaddha Releases Song Before A Trailer


Every day for the past seven days, Aamir Khan has teased his fans with jokes about the forthcoming narration of his "Kahani" (story). Fans speculated about what the announcement would be as a result of the actor's buildup of interest in the ”Kahani”. A teaser or motion poster for his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha, or perhaps an announcement of a new project, were some of the theories put out by admirers. You never know what to expect when it comes to Aamir Khan! The actor has a reputation for coming up with creative ways to advertise his flicks. He's done it again with his ”Kahani” surprising everyone once again.

Aamir Khan debuted his new song, "Kahani," on the radio this morning. The first song of Laal Singh Chaddha has the title Kahani. Songwriter Amitabh Bhattacharya collaborated with Pritam to create the catchy tune, which Mohan Kannan sings. This is a first for Aamir as he has never previously released a song from his film before a trailer. Additionally, the first song has been released more than three months ahead of the film's scheduled August 11 release date. All songs from the film would be released only in audio format, Aamir remarked during his appearance on a radio show.

It's official: Laal Singh Chaddha is based on Forrest Gump, the Tom Hanks-starring Hollywood classic. Kareena Kapoor Khan also stars in the film. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Advait Chandan's film, India's history will be explored.

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