Sameera Reddy On Postpartum Depression

Sameera Reddy

One of the most rewarding experiences for a woman is motherhood. Postpartum depression, on the other hand, gets little attention. It's normal for new mothers to suffer from a combination of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes after giving birth, which is why the term "baby blues" was coined. Symptoms of postpartum depression can range widely, from mood swings and anxiety to sleep disturbances and spells of despair.

Despite the fact that postpartum depression is highly frequent, little attention is provided to new mothers who are suffering from it, thereby aggravating their situation. For example, Sameera Reddy, a well-known performer who frequently advocates for causes including  body positivity and a healthy lifestyle, frequently posts updates on her social media accounts regarding her own battles with the disorder.  “I questioned myself so many times if I should have a second baby. I was a complete wreck after my firstborn. PPD hit me like a brick. I lost control of my body and my self-worth.”

In addition to impacting her emotional and physical health, the actor's marital life was also harmed, she said. This caused a strain on my marriage because I didn't know how to deal with it. The support of my husband, family, and in-laws helped me get through this difficult time. “And it took a toll on my marriage because I had no clue how to handle it. I had a rock of a husband, amazing in-laws and my family that never let my hand go through it all and that really helped."

I've been asked by so many women: “So many women ask me how I knew I wanted another child. Honestly, everyone’s journey is different and it’s hard to pin down what makes you sure. But I will tell you that the only thing I knew is that this little girl, my Nyra, showed me how fearless I am and I knew it was my decision and I could handle it because those sleepless nights, the body changes and the adjustment to the firstborn is not easy .. but it’s not difficult either. So many factors — financial, emotional or just plain support that can make it the right or wrong decision,”

According to Sameera, “Women are stronger than they give themselves credit for. And our gut instinct is the most powerful voice if we just listen and believe. I trusted mine and I’m so glad I did. Whatever your voice is saying, even if it’s choosing not to be a mom or to stay single or to have more than one child. It’s your choice and no one can pressure you otherwise. Trust your instinct.”

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