Festivals From India Launch On 20 April Celebrates Art, Diversity And Community

film festival

Festivals From India is a joint project between India and the UK that promotes arts and culture. It is the first digital platform to show hundreds of Indian arts and culture festivals to people around the world. The platform was made possible by the British Council and made by ArtBramha, which is a sister company of the Art X Company.

They host festivals in a wide range of genres, such as the Arts and Crafts; Design; Dance; Film; Folk Arts; Food; Culinary Arts; Heritage; Literature; Interdisciplinary or Multiarts; Music; New Media; Photography; Theatre; and Visual Arts.

Festivals From India also host festivals from across the world. Hundreds of new and well-known festivals are highlighted. They include visual art festivals like India Art Fair, Start, multi-art festivals like Serendipity Arts Festival, Utopian Dystopia, photography festivals like the Chennai Photo Biennale, literature festivals like the Jaipur Literature Festival, Bookaroo Children's Literature Festival, and TATA Literature Live! and film festivals like Dharamshala International Film Festival, Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, and KASHISH Mumbai Inte. Audiences at this year's festival will be able to easily access India's most important cultural experiences in both urban and rural areas. They'll get updates on artists, venues, facilities, and other important things to know before they leave. The platform also has a lot of hidden gems, some LGBTQIA+ festivals, and online versions of festivals that are live-streamed for people all over the world to check out.

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