Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey Garners Positive Reception


Jersey, starring Shahid Kapoor, has been in  cinemas for almost a week now, and the film has already cemented its spot in the hearts of the Indian audience.  Shahid Kapoor's portrayal in this poignant drama has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

The film has been hailed as the year's most heartwarming story. His  “career-best”  performance has been lauded by the critics. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Shahid will win numerous awards this year. So convincingly does Shahid portray Arjun Talwar that you may easily forget that you are watching a superstar in action. Jersey's narrative of Arjun's triumph has left viewers with a positive outlook.

No surprise Jersey is recovering costs at quick speed due to all the love! As the pandemic spread, the makers of Jersey positioned the picture properly and negotiated the greatest deals from an OTT platform and satellite channel, allowing the public to view it in theaters without any box office pressure!

Many in the trade and industry agree that this Shahid Kapoor performance will live on in the hearts of his fans long after the picture opens on other platforms because of how beautifully it was made and how effectively it was positioned by recovering all costs before release. Week by week, people's affection for Jersey grows deeper.

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