Harry Potter Books In Ukrainian Offered Free Online

Harry Potter Books

Numerous charity programs for refugees have been launched by various worldwide groups in the months following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. As a "small measure of light" in these dark times, the Harry Potter books have been translated into Ukrainian and are available for free online on every digital device. The war has been raging for almost 90 days now.


Amidst the rising tensions in Ukraine, this huge action aims to alleviate the suffering of the children and deliver a glimmer of hope in these difficult times. Toronto Television's official Twitter feed shared the news along with images of the translated books.


JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, responded to the tweet with the hashtag #SlavaUkraini, which means "Glory to Ukraine!" in Ukrainian. A Ukrainian national salute renowned as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance, Glory to Ukraine has been the official salute of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2018.

JK Rowling's charity, Lumos, and other humanitarian and aid organizations will be partnering with Pottermore to spread the word about their availability, according to Pottermore's website. They even talked about the horrific effects of the conflict on civilians, particularly children. As soon as the invasion began, the publishing house made it clear that they, along with the rest of the team, wanted to do anything they could to assist. Because of this, they have been trying to figure out a way to offer free internet access to all of the Harry Potter books to those whose lives have been so profoundly disrupted by the fighting.

After the author's kind deed, a number of fans expressed their appreciation in the comments area. Several users thanked the translators for their work, saying, " Thank you @ababahalamaha and Viktor Morozov for such a wonderful translation!" Thank you to JK Rowling (@jk rowling) and "What magic news" (@jk rowling) were some of the responses from other Twitter users.

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