AAP Govt. Releases Delhi Film Policy To Promote The capital City's Film Culture

Delhi film policy

A single-window system, subsidies, and international film festivals are all part of the Delhi Film Policy, announced on Friday by the Deputy Chief Minister, which is part of the government's effort to create two million jobs in five years.

“Under this policy, a complete single window e-film clearance portal has been developed which will enable the filmmakers to get approval from the required agencies based on their location in just 15 days through an online process. There are 25 such agencies which are available on this online clearance portal. Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) will be the nodal agency for implementing this policy and services,”said Sisodia, who introduced the policy at a ceremony at Delhi Secretariat on Friday.

Filmmakers used to have to acquire clearance from each of the 25 departments individually, which took longer.It is also planned to hold an International Film Festival in Delhi, as well as a Delhi Film Excellence Awards, which will recognize both actors and crew members.

“The Kejriwal government wants to make the Delhi International Film Festival as spectacular as the Cannes Film Festival. For this, a delegation of DTTDC will go to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival and take experience from there to prepare the outline of the Delhi International Film Festival,”

Delhi's new film strategy intends to “promote artistic, creative and cultural expression” "brand Delhi as a vibrant film shooting destination," and "build large, enthusiastic audiences" for films made in Delhi both "at the domestic and global level."Subsidies and incentives for film production in Delhi are also part of Delhi's Film Policy, which the government hopes to implement.

“Delhi Film Policy 2022 will create massive employment and economic development opportunities in Delhi along with attracting tourism to the national capital. The policy will help Delhi evolve as a brand, with more coverage on the silver screen, create jobs, boost the economy of the Capital, and will instill a sense of pride among the people of Delhi. The policy will bring together the entire world of hospitality, tourism, transport, cinema and artists,” According to Sisodia.

The policy was applauded by Swati Sharma, secretary (Tourism) and managing director of Delhi Tourism Corporation. “Under it up to 25 different government agencies including Delhi government and central government are under one umbrella. All these agencies are now onboard a single platform (e-Film Clearance) to make Delhi a film hub at the national and international level... The e-film clearance – a completely online single-window clearance mechanism -- was developed and finalised by holding regular meetings with various agencies and other stakeholders like production agencies etc even during the Covid period through video conferencing sessions,” Sharma added.

“It will be decided on the basis of the point system, taking into account location, branding of the location, involvement of local artists in the film crew and support staff, expenses during pre-production, production and post-production of the film in Delhi. The Delhi government has allocated ₹30 crore for the Delhi Film Fund which will help in branding Delhi as a national and international tourist destination from the point of view of film promotion,” an official from the Delhi government said.

An additional feature of the scheme is known as a 'Delhi Film Card. For filmmakers and production companies, they'll be given the "Delhi Film Card," which is worth one million rupees and allows them to take advantage of exclusive deals and packages in the city. In accordance with the new policy, tourist and hospitality businesses will be incorporated within the department of tourism. Another official confirmed that holders of the Delhi Film Card would receive discounts on services like transportation inside Delhi, logistics, accommodation, and so on.

“A Film Shooting Promotion Cell will also be set up in Delhi. Apart from this, a Film Development Cell and Film Advisory Body will also be formed to promote film production in Delhi. The DTTDC will act as the nodal agency in coordination with all the stakeholders and film production agencies of the state,” a tourism official said.

Ex-CEO of the Goa Entertainment Society (ESG), Manoj Srivastava, applauded the new film policy. “Each initiative that seeks to support the creation of the film industry is welcome. The intent is good but implementation must meet the objectives. I welcome the initiative that the government has taken. However, being a multi-authority set-up, the policy will have its own challenges,” added Srivastava.

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