Panchayat season two

In the first season of Deepak Kumar Mishra’s comedy-drama Panchayat, we saw how Abhishekh Tripathi, an engineering graduate, happens to find himself left with no other job other than that of a panchayat secretary in a  rural village in Uttar Pradesh. Throughout the course of the eight-episode series, we get to see how he struggles to adapt himself to the village and its ways. Although he gets vexed initially, we gradually see how he learns to adjust in the village of Phulera while making some astonishing and unusual relationships on the way. 

Coming to the on-screen performances, the ensemble cast from the first season namely Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Faisal Malik, and Chandan Roy reprise their respective roles of Panchayat Secretary Abhishekh Tripathi, Gram Pradhan Manju Devi, Pradhanpati Brij Bhushan Dubey, Upa-Pradhan Prahlad Pandey, and Office Sahayak Vikas.

The second season of Panchayat continues with the adventures of Abhishekh Tripathi and his newly-formed friends but certainly with its own set of twists and turns. Here we find quite a different Abhishekh Tripathi; less agitated, more productive, and more content. We see how he has adapted himself to the ways of Phulera and its people and it also seems he has been starting to enjoy his own version of Swades. One of the highlighting aspects of the second season is the portrayal of emotions. The evolution of Abhishekh Tripathi from a perturbed and confined man to a wholesome, responsible, and an affectionate friend is something which has been wonderfully depicted by the creators.

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The second season has also thrived onto the facets which were responsible for the success of the first season, namely relatability, simplicity, and genuineness. It is no Mirzapur with guns and gangs. Neither are you greeted by the hero and heroine dancing in the yellow mustard fields.  Instead, it is a simple story about a rural village dealing with issues such as open defecation, alcohol addiction, and the installation of CCTV cameras. Amidst these thematic explorations, the presence of well-organized and structured humor makes the series even more fun and compelling to watch. The usage of local dialect along with some brilliant on-screen executions adds to the fun. Kudos to Chandan Kumar for coming up with such a brilliant script for the second season as well. Another key aspect for this season has been the screenplay. The pace of the series is such that it will keep you hooked onto your seats and make you want for more. It feels as if you yourself are a part of Phulera and have been in close contention with each of the characters.

Coming onto the characters, I  will start off with Abhishekh Tripathi, the main character himself. Although he still wants to get out of the village and thus has been preparing for his MBA examination for a second time, he now seems to be on  good terms with his life. He is much more accountable, content, jovial and most importantly happy. For him “friends” have now turned into “family” something which he complained a lot about  in the first season.

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We also get to see a colorful relationship developing between him and Rinky, Pradhan ji’s daughter, something which was hinted at the end of season 1. Altogether, we see him being much more invested in his job as a secretary and cherishing his time in the village.

Bhushan Dubey, Pradhan Ji as he is dearly known,   is quite the same unsophisticated man with his fair share of wit and humor. Raghubir Yadav steals the show with his brilliant on-screen portrayal of beloved Pradhan Ji. Talking about Manju Devi, you can see her quite in a much more evolved state as compared to last season. She is now taking more interest in politics and other relevant issues after she had realized her powers as the official Pradhan of Phulera.

Upa-Pradhan Prahlad Ji and Office Sahayak Vikas remain undoubtedly a huge part in making both the Panchayat seasons a fan favorite. Their mannerisms, their dialogues, and their thinking, all evoke such an endearing affection that you can’t help but wish, you were friends with these characters in real life. 

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The second season happens to be a roller coaster of emotions, sending you in fits of laughter at one time and heartbreaking grief in another moment.  The last episode unwittingly changes the entire tone of the series as we know it. The cliffhanger at the end also makes us wonder what can go on from here and what set of events are yet to unfold.

To conclude, this season is a must-watch and it only does everything better than what the first season was able to do. The second season has received much praise from the critics with the story and the performances being highly applauded.

Author Biographical Note: Ankan Pal is a Media Science student currently pursuing his graduation from NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. Being a film enthusiast, he observes and perceives the attributes of cinema with keen interest. At Present, he has been associated with Explore Screen as an intern where he aims to learn, grow and gain experience.

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