Moon Knight Trailer: Marvel’s Most Unpredictable Hero

Moon Knight Trailer: Marvel’s Most Unpredictable Hero

After the grandiose Avengers Endgame (2019), Marvel Studios is charging ahead, in Phase 4, with a fierce momentum. The studio has been introducing new storylines for existing characters (WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, and more) as well as introducing new characters (Shang-Chi, Eternals).

And the latest to join this universe is Moon Knight. Marvel Studios recently dropped the trailer of the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight

What Happens in Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Trailer?

The trailer of Moon Knight is quite different from previous Marvel trailers. It carries a strong dark and gritty vibe, reminiscent of a  David Fincher film.  

The trailer introduces us to  Steven (Oscar Issac), who is struggling with a sleeping disorder. He goes through the crippling anxiety and extreme manic episodes. He complains that he can no longer distinguish between reality and his dreams. In one scene, he is terrified of a monster hurling towards him, through a dark corridor, only to realize later that it’s just a kind, old lady.

We get a quick glimpse of Moon Knight in a mirror reflection. Die-hard comic book nerds will recognise the Egyptian Moon God ‘Khonshu’. This is the deity that blesses Steven/Marc Specter in the comics with his Moon Knight abilities. 

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We also get to see Ethan Hawke as an eerily calm and composed cult leader. He will be playing the antagonist in the series. 

Towards the end, we finally see Steven becoming Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight Trailer: Marvel’s Most Unpredictable Hero
Steven becomes Moon Knight (Credits: Marvel Studios)

Who is Moon Knight?

In the Marvel comics, Marc Specter is the vigilante known as Moon Knight. Marc is a Jewish-American son of a Rabbi, who survived Nazi regime. He attracts the attention of an entity known as Khonshu (worshiped as a Moon God in ancient Egypt). Khonshu exists in a realm/dimension outside our own normal, perceivable dimension but unfortunately, he cannot move out of his dominion. To do so, he needs an external body. He targets Marc for this purpose since Marc has a “weak mind” and it will be easy for Khonshu to form a psychic connection with him. 

When Marc, a military-person-turned-mercenary, is left to die in the Egyptian desert by fellow mercenary Raoul Bushman, local villagers take his body to the temple of Khonshu. It is here that Khonshu revives him and in a way, ties himself to the man. This is how he becomes Moon Knight. 

Marc Specter suffers from a dissociative personality disorder, alternating between Marc Specter, Steven, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the series. 

Who are the people behind the upcoming Moon Knight series?

This miniseries is created by Jeremy Slater. He previously worked on Fantastic Four (2015), although his script wasn’t used, and Death Note (2017). If that makes you worried about the writing of Moon Knight, we can assure you that Jeremy has had some amazing projects as well under his name. He developed the Netflix series Umbrella Academy and created the supernatural horror series Exorcist for Fox. 

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 Oscar Issac (Dune) will be playing the role of Moon Knight and all the other personalities of Marc Specter (Steven).  Ethan Hawke will be playing the villain  Arthur Harrow. 

Late French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who recently passed away in an unfortunate skiing accident, will also be in the series. 

When and Where can You Stream Moon Knight?

Marvel fans can stream this series on Disney+ Hotstar from 30th  March this year. 

Moon Knight Character introduction by Marvel - Who is Moon Knight?.

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