Aparajito Registers Record Collection


 Aparajito (2022), director Anik Dutta’s tribute to maestro Satyajit Ray, has made roughly Rs 2.50 crore at the boxoffice since its premiere on May 13, according to industry sources.

Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's Belashuru I2022) raked in Rs 1.40 crore over the weekend following its release on May 20, according to the filmmakers. Even on weekdays, many of the 65 theaters showing Aparajito are packed, according to the film's producer Firdausal Hasan, who spoke to PTI.

"In the 17 theatres outside West Bengal where the film was released a week back, there has been a good response," he added. Bengali moviegoers who are yearning for Satyajit Ray and Pather Panchali are believed to have been moved by the film's director, Dutta. According to him, "I can see the same kind of turnout just like Bhooter Bhobishyot (2012)," he remarked.

Soumitra Chatterjee and Swatilekha Sengupta star in Belashuru,(2022) which was distributed in 105 theaters, as revealed by a spokesman for Windows Production, the film's producer.

Both of the key actors — Soumitra and Swatilekha — passed away shortly after the film's release, making it something of a swan song.

"The film has recorded a blockbuster opening across West Bengal. The evening and night shows are housefuls everywhere, including state-run Nandan," In the words of the spokeswoman.

According to the director "Belashuru, which comes seven years after Bela Seshe (2015), is now set to be released across India". "The film is doing very well across the board," says director Shiboprosad Mukherjee.  "The premiere was held at Bijoli and the response was phenomenal". In both single-screen and multiplex locations, Belashuru (2022) had a 90% occupancy rate, according to film distributor Bablu Damani.

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It was reported by one of the region's most important film distributors and owners of a multiplex, Satadip Saha, that the two Bengali films outperformed the Hindi releases in numerous multiplexes. According to him, "The word of mouth publicity again reaffirms that if the content is good, audiences will come to the halls,"

"Aparajito has turned out to be one of the biggest Bengali releases in the last few years, while Belashuru has also got a very good response," he stated. Prosenjit Chatterjee's Aay Khuku Aay (2022)' and Tirandaj Shabar (2022) are among the upcoming Bengali films. "We have to see the releases don't bump into each other. There should be enough space for every film for the interest of the Bengali entertainment industry" Saha made the statement.

When Satyajit Ray attempted to make the cult film Pather Panchali (1955), he ran into a number of difficulties. Jeetu Kamal's portrayal of Aparajito Ray, a figure based on Satyajit Ray, was the most essential component of Anik Dutta's Ray tribute film, according to him.

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When asked if he expected such a strong reception from the crowd, the ace director remarked, “Everyone’s expectations were high from the time we announced that a film on Satyajit Ray is being made. And, why not? This is the first time people got to see an actor playing Manikda on screen. I am happy that people have loved the film and there are housefull shows. It feels good to see when your hard work pays off.”

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