Submit your Film and Book

We, at Explore Screen, invite all filmmakers (amateurs and professionals, both) as well as authors, from India and from abroad, to submit your film and book to get it critiqued/reviewed on our platform. For the film, it doesn’t matter what it is short films, indie features, documentaries, animation, or even web-series, our talented writers will provide an unbiased review of them.

Just a heads up: If you cannot handle criticism, especially if it isn’t in your favour, we advise you not to submit then. We will not change our reviews just because it doesn’t sit well with you.

There’s one more thing we would like to add before you do consider submitting to us: Please don’t pester us again and again once you have already submitted a request for review. We receive a lot of submissions, books, articles, and films, and so it becomes a slow process for us to go through each one of them. We published reviews free of cost but if you do want us to give you a priority and present a review fast, we will take meager charges for that.

Now, how do you submit your film/book to us?

It’s simple.

You contact us at: