Date For Docuworld Film Festival Has Been Revealed


It is because great documentaries change our perspective on the world, whether they uncover the stories that affect people's daily lives, illuminate us with the discoveries that promise a better future, or shine an illumination on the lives of our fellow humans and the world around us, that we dedicate ourselves to exposing films from all over the world, giving a voice to the voiceless.

There will be a live broadcast of the ceremony from the Whirled Cinema in London, UK, on June 23rd, 2022. Awards will be given in these categories.

  • Best Feature Documentary
  • Best British Documentary
  • The Best Short Film
  • The Best Documentary Series

The first cut is made.

Here’s how the festival works for interested readers:

Step 1:

Your project will be judged on its originality, quality, and genuineness. To ensure that your project is eligible for the festival, it will be screened.

Step 2:

Promotion is the next step. The Festival will begin promoting your idea on the Breaking-TV network and on social media if your project passes stage 1.

Step 3:

Submit Your Project in the Contest. At this point, the Breaking-TV platform has already granted you the right to begin making money from your project.

Step 4:

Selection and nominating process will take place for the 2022 candidates.

A copy of your work will be made available to the Breaking-TV community. It's up to the viewers of Breaking-TV to decide who wins the competition: As of this moment, your project is one step closer to being crowned champion.

Step 5:

The announcement of the prizewinners.

The Docuworld film festival provides filmmakers with the opportunity to reach a worldwide television audience and begin making money from their films.

This festival, which selects the greatest documentaries to be shown on Breaking-TV, pays filmmakers 50% of the applicable Purchase Price for titles purchased or rented digitally, and 50% of the applicable purchase price for titles accessed via non-Breaking-TV membership.

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Payouts depend  on the viewership number in the applicable Territory for Breaking-TV members who have access to a particular title or season of a title.

The competition is accessible to filmmakers based in the UK and abroad, and there are two levels of entry.

Any completed films must be no older than five years. You have the option of submitting your work in more than one section.

Submissions in any language other than English must include an English subtitle if they aren't in English..

A live audience and internet screenings are permitted under certain conditions when you submit the film.

A digital internet screener is required for the preview. A festival submission platform's internal screener (like FilmFreeway) or a hosting site like Vimeo can be used to submit. You can  contact the organizers if you are unable or reluctant to submit your work by digital means.

If you plan to submit more than one film, each one must be submitted separately.

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The Docuworld Film Festival and The Breaking-Tv Network reserve the right to alter the festival's date and location in the event of unforeseen events. Affected filmmakers will be notified through email and our online channels of any corresponding alterations.

Breaking-Tv has the right to utilize a trailer, stills, and posters from the Docuworld Film Festival for promotional purposes.

By submitting to them, you agree to their terms and conditions and to get marketing bulletins and discounts regarding film festivals via email. The network will never disclose your personal information to a third party for their marketing purposes.

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