The Sixth Edition of Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival Will be Held this Weekend

Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival Will be Held this Weekend

The 2022 Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival, organized by the Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village, is scheduled to be held on May 21-22, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. This year's Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival’s themes are Black and Asian unity, culture and belonging, cuisine and family, and justice and bravery.

The Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year!

Based on feedback from attendees, this year's line-up of films will better represent contemporary interests following a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village's executive director, Jason Jong, said, "We're leaning into documentaries and also showing a lot of fun films about food and family, which has been a popular theme,"

Black and Asian solidarity, culture, and belonging will also be major themes, as will justice and courage.

A cultural initiative of the Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village, the first Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival was hosted in 2003 as a pilot project. When Jong returned to his hometown of Sacramento after spending time in the Bay Area's cultural arts scene, he felt compelled to do something to unite the people there. Organizing a film festival was one idea he and others had.

"A film festival has so many elements that are open for exploration as a medium that is attractive to all communities," Jong remarked.

Apparently, he's pleased with the progress his group has made so far.

When discussing the AANHPI community's similarities and differences, Jong noted, "Films have the power to shed light on both." A way to honor culture and tradition that spans generations is provided by these items.

"We might be five generations deep, we might be recent refugees or immigrants. There's so much breadth and depth of that diversity within our community so it's important to find opportunities to celebrate that, to explore that, but also to connect to other communities," Jong remarked.

Advocacy and media personality Shaline Jane believes it is critical that the event be held in a place with a varied population.

"This emerging event, us emerging within film and media, it's like we're riding history right now. And it's great that Sacramento can be at the heart of it and... really highlight and showcase these amazing people nationwide," Jane made the statement.

According to Jane, the film business needs to do a better job of including underrepresented groups. AANHPI voices will be amplified, but the gathering is open to the public at large, according to her.

"We want people to walk away feeling acknowledged and seen... so they can see a part of themselves and that we bring more empathy and compassion for others," Jane said. "Just because we're different, there's still a thread that all of us can share. Through love or food or culture, our behaviors and families, they'll find so many things that they can get connected to," Jane added.

The event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 21-22, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

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